I have my Fashion-face on.

I’m told I have a ‘fashion-face’ – an expression I have when I’m thinking about fashion or talking about it, mentally styling an outfit or doing it. It’s that lightbulb, slightly manic, excited expression that is a bit Doc from Back to the Future. I’ve never time travelled, but it must feel something like how I feel about fashion! Life-affirming, haha.

Fashion is something everyone can and should enjoy – it’s communicating through the way you dress, and everyone tells a story with their style. And regardless of your size, colour, shape, gender, age – do you. With gusto! I know you want to wear that piece that grabbed you by your very soul but you thought it may be too loud/young/tight/short/low cut for you, but together we can enjoy these blank canvas bodies of ours and feel like a million bucks dressing the way we really want to.

Like many of us we also want to enjoy fashion responsibly, and whether that means buying nothing new, buying ethically made or sourced, buying local or buying minimal, there are a ton of ways we can support sustainable fashion. Responsible fashion can also help us look after our wallets, and I am super keen on sharing these stories and trying out different hacks – I love a good upcycle or thrifted transformation, come at me with ’em!

In this spirit I give you Hunguponfashion.com, my way of sharing style, maybe inspiring it, maybe destroying it, always maximising it, who cares as long as we’re having fun and no one loses an eye. Come for the fashion, stay for the DIY, sustainability, thrifting, money-hacking, my dance adventures, and more, through a not-serious, fun, experimental, all-welcoming, feminist, bed-hair-don’t-care lens.

Let’s do this.

Bonnie T xo

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