I give a lip! Lipstick review

Everyone loves a good lippie – I especially LOVE a REALLY good lippie. Lipstick takes one from drab to fab in a flick of the wrist (so long as one keeps within the lines!). I always find that if I’m droopy, I stop being droopy and just wear lipstick instead. Lipstick lifts a plain outfit, and draws attention away from any bits you would rather went unnoticed. Slick on Morange by MAC and hey presto, I’m ready to rock anything thrown at me easy peasy.

I have purchased a few (ok, by a few I mean a lot) of lipsticks in the last few months, so I thought I would do a bit of a review of some of them, as they are brands that are quite popular at the moment. You guys might have had a different experience with these, feel free to post below and share! I hope the photos do the colours justice, because they are spectacular…

The first lippie is by Lime Crime in Geradium (shown here). This pink is amazing – its an opaque lipstick, so it slicks on and is just bursting with colour. Massive pigment happening here, and it stays PUT. Even after dinner, the colour is still there, although touch-ups are required to keep that POW factor in the colour. I have nothing but love for Lime Crime’s lipsticks, as I also have the Velvetines lip gloss in Suedeberry. That product is sweet as, it glides on like a lip gloss and dries matte, looking FAB all day or all night. Lime Crime products are also vegan, just FYI.ImageNext up is Kit Cosmetics in Max Power. This is the second Kit lipstick I’ve purchased – the other one being Freedom Fighter, which is a pinky-corally bright shade. I love the shades Kit carries, I find they work really well with my skin tone (which is fair but with warm undertones) and they feel lovely on the old pout. The colour stays on reasonably well, but I find that with most bold lipsticks, re-application is necessary from time to time. Layering the colour when you apply it helps – slick it on, blot with a tissue and slick again.Image

Next up is a lipstick I thought I’d have a crack at, since I really liked the colour and it was cheap (lol). The brand is called Savvy, which I believe it is the Priceline make up brand. I bought Bali for about $4, so I figured the experiment was worth it. I really love this dark plum shade, which is fantastic for winter, or for giving some edge to a neutral or white outfit. The lipstick itself is labelled a matte lipstick, and it does its job, but I found that it was very drying on my lips – definitely need a lipbalm underneath and keep yourself hydrated at all times as you should be doing anyway. Aside from that, it wasn’t bad for a cheapie.


Last, and definitely not least, is the Illamasqua shade Liable. Oh god I love this shade and this brand so much. I have worn Inflame until it was nothing but a plastic stump, and bought this one because I couldn’t bare to be without this type of shade! Liable is a little more pink than Inflame, but both are super fiery and bold and would probably suit just about anyone. The formula is a little drying, as it is a matte formula, but lipbalm underneath keeps it under control. It also stays on really well, but I would recommend a good lip-liner with this one just to keep it neat and tidy around the edges of your lips.


That concludes my review, boys and girls – if anyone has anything they’d like to add or share, please do so!

B xoxo


4 thoughts on “I give a lip! Lipstick review

  1. rosebisque says:

    I’ve been lusting after Lime Crime lipsticks for sooo long now! Geradium is definitely on my list, along with Retrofuturist, a nice bright red. I love Savvy’s Bali too, which was surprisingly good quality considering how cheap it was – made my lips look like roadkill though (bit of an exaggeration…) haha but I prefer putting some balm underneath as you suggest, then a touch of deep plum gloss on top to take away that tight feeling.

    Great review!

    Rosie xx

  2. gothicbeeza says:

    I actually own 2 lime crime lipsticks – Retrofuturist and Cetrifuschia – both of which are amazing. I really need to buy some more of their lipsticks. Im eyeing off PoisonBerry and Stilleto at the moment.

    And of course – Great review!

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